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The End of Democracy: The Case for a Single Ruler

The End of Democracy This election cycle – while it has been difficult on libertarians with the fall of Rand Paul, the election of Gary Johnson for the LP ticket, his multiple gaffes, his inability to get into the debates, and so on – presents a grand opportunity once you…

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A Look Back at my Open Letter to the LP

As we prepare for the third, and final, debate of this election cycle I wanted to revisit an old blog post I wrote just before the LP Convention to try to persuade the delegates, my open letter to the LP. This originally appeared on my first blog I started, without…

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Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies

Ron Paul said it best, “Truth is treason in the empire of lies“. We are seeing that very phrase resurface now as Julian Assange, the great founder of Wikileaks, and American hero, is being held, dead or alive, with no pending charge, and with a severed internet connection at the…

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Safe Spaces: Silencing the Opposition

What a weird time to be alive. As the internet continues to connect millions of people with differing backgrounds,  one would think that tolerance of free speech would also become more entrenched. However, with the advent of safe spaces and their social justice warrior defenders, that’s not the case. Students…

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Voluntarism Actually Works… In Real Life

First, let me apologize for not being behind the keyboard for a while, though it feels great being back. During my absence, I’ve been busy starting a new mobile app developer company – which you can visit at and if you are a fellow libertarian blogger and would like…

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Left Privilege – Not White Privilege

It’s left privilege, not white privilege. SJW’s are ruining our world in exchange for their safe spaces. Welcome to 1984, er I mean 2016! In case you have been cryogenically frozen, the world of social justice has gone askew since the rational days of reform in the 1960’s. Let me…

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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What Trump’s GOP Convention Speech Means For Liberty

Trump had a really good speech last night. Now, before you jump the gun, no I’m not supporting The Donald, rather I’m just trying to be as unbiased as I can and deliver you the truth on his speech. It was great. He touched on a lot of key issues…

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The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic – Who’s Greedier?

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic II – Who’s Greedier? I’m back with The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic! As some may know, this is a topic I want to keep coming back to for more blog posts because their inconsistency in their logic is staggering. Since the left is so quick…

Police State
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The State Claims Yet Another Life

The Police State shoots and kills Alton Sterling, yet another innocent black man. When will this all just end? As the story goes Alton Sterling was selling CDs in the parking lot of his friend’s, Abdullah Muflahi, mart. Then there were calls to 911 claiming that someone – specifically Alton Sterling –…

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Government IS a Big Business

What if I told you that government IS a big business? Millennials tend to be particularly skeptical of big business, yet the same millennials trust the government to make crucial decisions in their lives. I don’t get it. The same greedy people who run big business are also deeply involved and…