21 Ways Millennials Can Better Understand Politics

A post by The Atlantic from 2014 claimed that Millennials’ political views are incoherent. As the article still stands true, and is gaining traction once again, I have decided to release a list of 21 Ways Millennials Can Better Understand Politics:

  1. Whatever position John McCain or Lindsey Graham holds, the opposite is more than likely the truth.
  2. Paul Krugman, and many other “economists”, completely change their economic stances depending on which party is in the White House.
  3. All media is biased. The left just tries to pretend that they are not biased, while the right is more honest about it.
  4. If a politician says only the rich (or Mexico) will pay for it, they are lying. You will eventually have to pay for it.
  5. Politicians don’t pay taxes, they are paid by taxes. Big difference.
  6. Taxation is theft because it is not voluntary. All exchanges, in order to not be theft, must have the consent of all the parties involved.
  7. All three branches of government have an incentive to secure their career and gain more influence and power by expanding the size of the state.
  8. Identity politics is a dangerous marketing scheme used by Democrats (and the Alt-Right) to divide the people based on attributes out of their control (e.g. race, gender, etc.) and to pit them against other groups for votes.
  9. Our voting habits are forcing our unborn children (and grandchildren) to a life of debt.
  10. Politicians spend over half of their time in office fundraising for the next election cycle.
  11. The Federal Reserve is the government’s bank which has the power to control interest rates (causing malinvestments) and print money through a process called quantitative easing (which causes inflation). Both policies are highly dangerous to our prosperity.
  12. America is the most generous nation in the world when it comes to private philanthropy. We like to give. We don’t need forced to give.
  13. Children were able to get educated (and still do in the poorest places in the world) without a Department of Education, or any sort of governmental funding for education.
  14. The state has oppressed minorities the most. For example, the minimum wage was originally put in place because whites were losing their jobs to minorities. The logic behind it was if they implemented a minimum wage, the minorities would be placed out of the labor market.
  15. Politicians are acting in their own self-interest. Politicians don’t care about you. If they pretend to, they just want your vote.
  16. The Democratic Party is not the party for the poor. The Republican Party is not the party for the rich. These are just marketing tactics. They are the parties for themselves.
  17. The state is responsible for the most heinous acts ever committed by mankind. Slavery and war are just two examples.
  18. All politicians lie in hopes your memory is too short to remember it. Truth always comes second to getting reelected.
  19. Most of what the government does today would be considered unconstitutional by our founders.
  20. Government has no accountability. If they screw up, they claim that they just didn’t have enough funding. In other words, they get a raise for their mistakes.
  21. The state is an institution funded off of theft – whether through taxation, inflation, or eminent domain – and fundamentally cannot be fixed.
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