A Note To Bernie Supporters


I know exactly how you guys feel. Despite all the publicity you might be seeing from our libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson – I was not a fan. Like you, I saw my preferred candidate lose because of a rigged establishment branch of our party having the ultimate say.

Like you, I felt the utter heartbreak of an honest candidate trying to change the world of politics. I supported Austin Petersen, whom, like Bernie was completely funded by grassroots supporters. Real people who believed in our respective candidates’ ideas.

Our candidates wanted to change the system, but their loss doesn’t signify our loss. But first, let me point out what I found when I dug into the nitty-gritty of details, and make my case for why less government would be better.

The all too obvious is how the Democratic Party robbed Bernie – a telltale sign government is highly corrupt and making it bigger would just create more problems.

We don’t need government to make us better people! Let me explain.. Bernie Sanders raised $207.7M in campaign donations! Firstly, you guys deserve a round of applause. But take it to its logical conclusion – you donated that money because you wanted to help the poor and the less fortunate.

Nobody is stopping you from donating directly to the less fortunate – and Bernie supporters only make up roughly half of one of the major parties. Just a fraction of our whole population!

Philanthropy is essential to making life better for all, but private philanthropy, as you proved with your donations to Bernie, is more efficient. A story from Karl Zinsmeister in The Philanthropy Roundtable reinforces this idea,


 Elinor Sauerwein painted her own home, mowed her own lawn, and kept a vegetable garden in Modesto, California, until she was in her 90s. She avoided cable TV and almost never ate out. Her financial advisor reported that her goal was to amass as much wealth as she could for the Salvation Army—to which, when she died in 2011, she left $1.7 million.


People are inherently good people, only 14% of charitable giving comes from foundations. The rest comes from normal individuals trying to enhance society.

We don’t need Bernie to continue to be good citizens. We don’t need government mandating where we should donate, when we do a pretty good job of that ourselves.

We’re all aware that politicians are corrupt. We know big business influences them, but big businesses are only able to influence politicians because politicians hold too much power.

Let me reiterate. Businesses cannot extort their consumers or their workers without supreme backlash6 from the Internet which could trigger bankruptcy. Just check out what happened to the band, Good English, when their drummer defended the Stanford rapist.

Today’s society will not stand for injustice – but we do not need the government’s help.

Let me ask you a question.. How many politicians do you actually trust? Not many, I suppose. Politicians are corrupting our system, our voices, our freedom, and we must get it back. Let’s take the power from the politicians and restore it back to the people!

I hope you join me on this journey as I make my case for Liberty – and how it can help us – the 99%.

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