Over the past few days, the Republican Liberty Caucus has been trying to court the libertarian party’s runner-up in the 2016 primary season – Austin Petersen to run for senate as a republican. Obviously, this has exploded within the libertarian community; those loyal to the libertarian Party repudiate him; those looking to actually restore liberty into America are praising him. Reminds me of our friends, the Avengers, in their latest (libertarian leaning) movie, Captain America: Civil War.

I fall into the latter category. I’ve voiced my disappointment with the libertarian party’s strategy over the past few months, I’m glad AP is finally realizing the LP has little chance to ever win.

The leaders at LP are almost as disconnected from the pulse of American citizens as modern-day celebrities are. They elected Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, two former two-time governors in an election season where being an outsider was an asset, not a liability.

They held a petty grudge against AP for his immaturity before he started to run, which eventually led to his loss. Don’t get me wrong, AP did act immature before, but if we want to advance Liberty instead of killing her we need to set aside minor issues for the bigger picture. Nobody is perfect, but some are extraordinarily better than others.

AP was the only libertarian candidate who really understood Trumpism, he was a millennial from the middle of nowhere, he won almost every debate, and he was smart. Unlike Gary, AP knew how to speak to the emotions of his audience and get people passionate! He knew how to use technology to his advantage; he knew how to market himself to both sides of the aisle. All of which would’ve held extreme amounts of clout in the minds of disenfranchised conservatives, Bernie supporters, and those who felt like Trump wasn’t the outsider he portrayed himself as. I bet he would’ve hit that 15% threshold to get into the debate too, meanwhile the LP libertarians are cheering that Gary tripled his votes from last year.

Yet, instead we elected a guy who embarrassed the movement every time he opened his mouth. Hindsight is 2020, but you could tell Gary was no spokesperson for the message of Liberty early on. He hardly understood the message himself.

My biggest pet peeve is apologists for the party, especially the libertarian party. Apologists are what created the false dichotomy of the two-party system. They are the reasons we haven’t seen the anti-war left in eight years. Now those ideas infiltrated the party whose supposedly major feat is not being like the other two parties. Well, we’re unlike the other two because we never win, or even stand a chance.

I like winning, so naturally I hope AP decides to run for senator of Missouri as a republican. This is to much dismay of my fellow LP libertarians. Those so blinded by the “libertarian party” that they consider Ron Paul a traitor to the cause, despite educating more people to our movement than anyone else in recent history. It’s just illogical. Especially since AP never said he wouldn’t try to win the LP’s presidential nomination – those Gary Johnson supporters’ minds are spinning with this one, since one of their biggest beefs with AP was he wasn’t a former republican governor.

However, I do hope these LP libertarians push AP all the way out of party. If the political process is the vehicle to liberty, it doesn’t make sense to keep trying to drive in the 1991 Cavalier that needs to be jumped every time you go to drive it. Not when there’s the 2016 BMW just waiting for someone sensible to drive it.

There’s no reason libertarians should stop with the Republican Party either, we should infiltrate the Democratic Party too.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what all the neocons have done. Politicians hardly tell the truth anyways, so if people are gonna vote for others who lie to their faces with almost every word they speak, we might as well try to capitalize on people being ignorant.

If Petersen decides to run, and then wins, he will be joining other liberty lovers in Congress such as Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash, and we will be that much closer to achieving liberty in our lifetime. Which is the real goal the political process might be able to solve.

Watch the video below, and AP will clarify on some of the many problems libertarians face.


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