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Here was the email I sent out to my list today:

“The Obamacare 2.0 bill passed the house and that only means one thing – the ignoramuses are out in full force on Facebook.

These people are the worst.

For example:

1) They have no idea why resources need economizing (pro-tip: it’s because they are scarce in relation to themselves and in relation to other possible resources in a given economy).

2) They have no idea how wealth is created (or maintained).

3) They see absolutely no reason why everyone shouldn’t be in favor of universal healthcare “like all the other major countries” (hint: we are $20 Trillion in debt… to quote Eric July, “please forgive me if I don’t trust them with my check”… and do we really want to give the people who start WARS even more money… no thanku comrade).

4) Despite not knowing *anything* they still think they should throw around their worthless opinions on the ‘Book.

5) If you try to have a conversation on Facebook with ’em (that’s your first mistake bucko… and I know because I have learned this the *hard way* over the past few years) you get either:

*ad hominem attacks ad nauseam
*strawman arguments ad nauseam
*appeals to emotions/authority ad nauseam.

In other words,

These people aren’t very open-minded or tolerant of different views (who would’ve thought!).

The end result is this:

A YUGE waste of time.

It’s like throwing your most valuable resource off the satellite station up in space, hoping, against all odds, that it will come down and strike the earth. Instead, it just floats off into space in the opposite direction of earth. To float for a millennium, never having any *impact* to anything you have ever done or will ever do. And you can NEVER get it back.

These kind of people are what Dan Kennedy, author of “No BS Time Management”, would call Time Vampires. As Ben Settle elaborated in his “Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains” book:

“Their goal is to suck you into a pissing match “vortex” where you give them all your attention and time, instead of investing that time into your Mission and life.”

So you gotta “Stake & Behead” these types.

Easiest way to lose to these ignoramuses?

Giving them your time.

That’s why I created my blog and my podcast. So, instead of losing that time arguing to the abyss or the Time Vampires, I have honed it into a productive way to vent.

Venting has real world virtues too.


1) Restoring your oh-so-precious time, allowing you to feel less, and think or do more.

2) Avoiding all their kafkatraps (non-arguments).

3) Giving you more peace of mind.

4) Unleashing the emotions you might’ve bottled up or would’ve been used against you.

You get the idea.

Anyway, I did some much-needed venting on today’s BONUS episode of my Gimme Liberty Podcast.

It’s the latest episode in the cache, which you can find (and subscribe to) here:

John Douglas

Gimme Liberty”

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