Did Trump Just Outsmart the Media Again?

Donald J. Trump continues to win, especially battles against the media – and John McCain and Lindsay Graham. Each is long overdue for criticism, especially the latter two, as much too often they go under the radar. However, Donald Trump knows the mainstream media doesn’t have much of a life left, in 2015, the average viewer of all the major networks is aged slightly above 60, with Fox’s average viewer’s age at 67, MSNBC at 63, and CNN at 61.

Mainstream media is dying, and it seems like organizations such as CNN and MSNBC are eager to make this happen. Whether it was their highly partisan coverage of the two major candidates during the election, the continuance of spreading fake or misleading stories, and of course, Donald Trump.

The relationship between any conventional media and the White House is founded on respect. Each knows that if they work together they will be able to expand the government’s power, and hence, their power, prestige, and their sense of importance. This is basic human nature, and probably why we haven’t seen as much partisanship in other elections.

The last several elections were filled with neocons on either side. Washington D.C. loves the neocons, the same group that want to put us at endless war and constant threat to make a couple (million) bucks. When neocons are on both sides, the media doesn’t want to burn all of their bridges, so to speak. They understand there is consequences when you blatantly choose one candidate, and the other wins, well, at least they used to.

Trump was the breath of fresh air America has been searching for all my life. After 100 years of the progressive era, wages are down, the ones who are most politically connected make the most money, and cultural Marxism has been winning the hearts and minds of our youngest voting generation through the media, but more importantly, through Hollywood and academia. Many Americans, in my opinion, do still hold small government to be a virtue, despite being continually tricked by Republicans and Democrats alike. But Trump was different.

And there’s nothing more the media hates than a complete outsider, who hates political correctness, has lived a gloriously successful life, and to put it frankly, doesn’t stop winning. So they attacked. What started as satire and ridicule slowly manifested itself into the Republican nominee, and then into the White House. And they’ve been terrified because they were so obviously in the tank for Hillary, that they have lost nearly all their credibility. And that credibility was lost ahead of schedule, due to their own coverage of Donald Trump, and has little to do with their average viewer’s age, though the latter point will suffice to be the final nail in the coffin over the next few years.

With no respect established between the liberal media and the president, Trump has full range to troll, and troll he does. He has called CNN fake news to their face, and a countless other times, he continually tweets about the FAILING New York Times, and recently just trolled them into showing their audiences the true destruction that Trump is trying to avoid with the travel ban of Middle Eastern countries, which 6 out of the 7 countries that were banned were previously bombed by Obama. Remember, feelings hurt worse than bombs!

Trump, in a press conference, stated that the media has been purposely hiding coverage of terrorist attacks from around the world.

Though it has been reported, I think this was Trump’s plan all along. Because of the accusations, CNN re-reported on their coverage of terrorism, creating a list of 78 times they reported attacks. CNN also released the following picture, refreshing the minds of their viewers to the real threat terrorism presents, and legitimizing Trump’s actions to vet these people heavily to ensure the safety of American citizens.

Also, NowThis, an internet propaganda machine feeding off of the undeveloped brains of teenagers, mentioned that Trump failed to mention the right-wing white supremacists committing terror. Yet, NowThis mentioned just two incidents in which a white supremacist committed acts of violence, and tries to throw all right leaning groups into that realm. Obviously, I am denouncing these terrorists too. However, they were silent about left-wing extremists, namely AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, and other groups who have rioted and destroyed cities.

An interesting analysis of domestic terrorism, reported by The Heritage Foundation noted that businesses have seen the brunt of these attacks. It fits into the leftist narrative that all businesses are inherently evil – despite only surviving by providing value to consumers – so why report it? I just wish Trump would have mentioned this kind of terrorism too, which I do believe is a bigger threat to Liberty (and trash cans) than radical Islam terrorism or even the government itself.

I did not always like Trump, and I definitely don’t agree with all his policies or everything he says, however, the way he has slaughtered the establishment, first with Jeb Bush, then the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton, is impressive and deserves praise. I am also not in support of the wars we have been involved in for the past few decades, whether the former president and the mainstream media wish to define them as wars or not, they are wars. Obama dropped over 100,000 bombs on Middle Eastern countries during his reign, and when you drop that many bombs, you are at war.

If we realize that we are at war with these nations, it becomes evident why we should not allow them into our country. What if America was being bombed every day from foreign nations and every day you saw friends, colleagues, and loved ones blown away from these bombs. You would hate that country too, again, this is human nature. When we pretend we aren’t at war with these countries, while we continue to bomb them endlessly, it directly threatens the safety of American citizens – one of the actual constitutional duties of government.

Trump is not the best, but he is not a neocon, and thus seems to actually care about protecting the people. If Trump continues to use these mind tricks on the media, we might have to face the fact that he is a Jedi, and might have been trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi himself.

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