Every Media is Biased

One of the most frustrating beliefs held by progressives is their belief that their media isn’t biased. I live in an area highly populated by democrats, so I have been able experience this firsthand.

They have a blind trust for their progressive outlets, yet are the first ones to joke that “Fox News is Faux News”. For some peculiar reason, they don’t realize that Fox News is being more honest by being upfront about their biases instead of pretending not to have one.

It’s hard to blame the liberal media when they’re just capitalizing on their market. The media organizations know, quite frankly, that their audience is so tone-deaf on most issues that they can masquerade as being the unbiased truth.

Pretending not to have a bias is simply a marketing scheme for liberal media. There’s no merit or truth to it. They just want to capture the minds who are too vacuous to notice the bias.

Bias isn’t inherently wrong, actually quite the opposite. If you hold the beliefs that will raise the prosperity and wealth of everyone, your bias will crucial to inspiring others. Conversely, if you hold beliefs that will pit groups against other groups, lower the standard of living, and increase the hate between people, this bias could be devastating.

The tough part is if you have a bias, you believe it will help the most amount of people. Whether you are correct or incorrect, the bias is the drive that will at least help the rest of us decide.

Bias is only bad when you pretend you don’t have one. This lets you trick the masses who tune into your channel by dissimulating that you only care about the truth, when you’re really promoting your biased view on how you think society should act.

When you’re upfront about your bias, it allows people to think critically about the issues and decide for themselves. When you disguise your bias, and present it as the unbiased truth no matter how irrational (e.g. the Russian hacking), it further creates a bunch of useful idiots who will lash out at dissenters.

It trains people not to think, not to question, but to conform. Since they have the “truth” on their side, it makes debates nearly impossible. When humans cannot solve disputes with words, violence becomes the means which humans resort to.

This refusal to debate and empathize with others is a slippery slope we are already far along. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem: your source of news is biased.

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