Farewell Obama: Apathetic Americans’ Favorite President

It’s finally here: Obama’s last day of being President of the United States. While the apathetic Americans will be sobbing some delicious tears, I wanted to explore just what made Mr. Obama so popular. It sure wasn’t anything that actually mattered, like policy prescriptions (Trump’s victory proves this), the healthcare website functioning or ending the wars he was so determined to end over 8 years ago. It sure wasn’t that “hope and change” he sold himself on, I tried to take all his promises to the bank, they laughed at me.

Rather, it was a lot of taxpayer’s money going to PR, it was inviting celebrities from Jay-Z and Beyonce to Lebron James and the Cavaliers (who, of course, did the mannequin challenge with Michelle) to visit the White House; it had nothing to do with Obama as an actual person, it had everything to do with Obama as a celebrity figure.

In other words, Obama was so popular because he put on a false image for the apathetic American people to see, while the ones who care about our empire-esque military industrial complex and the enormous expansion in executive power were left in the dark. Oh, did I mention a lot of PR spinning?

Obama himself spent over a half-billion (yes, that’s with a B) per year on PR to make himself look pretty to all of the apathetic Americans! What’s worse is that doesn’t even include the more than $100 million the administration spends per year on PR or for the $800 million spent on advertising contracts in 2015.

The Washington Times continue,

The administration added some 667 PR staffers between 2008, the last full year under his predecessor, and 2011, when public relations staffing across federal agencies peaked at 5,238 people. That’s a jump of 15 percent during those years. The number has since slipped, but there were still nearly 5,100 PR staffers in the administration in 2014, the final year for which the GAO had figures.The median salary for PR employees was $90,000 in 2014 — up from $77,000 in 2006, the auditors said.

That’s all YOUR money by the way. Are you as ecstatic as me that Bush (oops) Obama has spent so much to keep the apathetic Americans in ignorance while he continued to drop over 26,000 bombs this year alone? The best part? Well, if you go and watch the first video I hyperlinked (the very first hyperlink in this article), he told me that I could cash in that he would end the Iraq war to the bank. I did, and the bank told me that dropping 12,095 bombs in Iraq under no circumstances – no matter how much one wants to waste on PR for himself – justifies what the “valiant” Mr. Obama has done. Yet we wonder how terrorists could POSSIBLY hate us, we are just spreading “democracy” after all, and sometimes when ya spread democracy, ya gotta drop a bunch of bombs. Duh.

In reality Mr. Bush (oops) Obama is a liar, a war criminal, and a mass murderer. (Well, Mr. Bush is all of these things too.)

But maybe you just saw his “beautiful” family who has spent over $85 million (and rising) of taxpayer’s money on vacations over the past 8 years. You know, that money does come from you right? Or maybe you just felt really inspired when Obama handed out awards to all your favorite celebrities – including, of course, Joe Biden and Mr. Obama himself!

Maybe that’s what led you to ignore the 16 year old American citizen, Abdulrahman, that Bush (oops) Obama has killed without trial? All that PR money isn’t being wasted at least – a first for government.

What about when Bush (oops) Obama bombed the hospital who was hosting Doctors Without Borders and ended up killing nearly two dozen patients and doctors? He actually did apologize for this, but he wasn’t held too accountable by the American people. You probably forgot, I mean, didn’t you see Lebron laughing with Michelle?! #goals

Yet, this is the man Obama has been deliberately hiding from the American people. This is the real Barack Obama. The one his half-brother, Malik Obama, despises, and the one you should despise too. The gall that President Obama has to use taxpayer’s money to cover up his own ugly truths is despicable. What’s worse? You believed him.

So as Bush (oops) Obama winds down on his last day in office, I hope we remember how terrible this President really was. I hope we empathize with the middle eastern countries who have seen the real wrath and destruction of both Bush and Obama. I hope we remember how much money Obama has spent to keep us blissful in ignorance while he expands the American empire. I almost forgot, you did see Trump (oops) Obama sent troops into Poland right? Talk about being “literally Hitler”! I hope we don’t get fooled again.

You hated George W. Bush, and rightfully so, but you loved Obama?!… most of all I hope we learn to be consistent and truthful with our detestation.

Farewell Obama: apathetic Americans’ favorite president.

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