Judge Napolitano Visits Trump Tower!!!

The great libertarian, Judge Andrew Napolitano, visited the acclaimed Trump Tower today and held an hour long conversation with our President-elect. Yes! The great constitutionalist and libertarian superhero has already had some influence on debatably the most important issue surrounding the 2016 election – replacing Justice Antonin Scalia’s empty seat.

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Watch Judge Nap talk about his experience on Fox Business.

Judge Napolitano commented that they didn’t discuss whom, but rather what Trump should be looking for when finalizing his decision. I would imagine that Trump would have the Judge in mind for filling the void, but that is all unprofessional speculating mixed with a bit of wishful thinking.

However, even if the Judge isn’t selected, I love the idea of him describing to Trump what a good candidate would look like. Judge Nap is one of the best versed public figures about constitutional law today and I trust his judgement wholeheartedly. There really is no one better for Trump to have this discussion with than the Judge himself.

About a month ago, I made a post calling for Trump to Make Liberty Great Again, today Judge Napolitano visits Trump. From a libertarian perspective, his cabinet picks have been questionable – some good, some bad, some worse. I’m not too familiar with any of them, so I decided that I would wait to see how they performed until I commented. However, I do know Judge Napolitano, and today was the first day I felt proud I ended up casting my vote for Trump – I do live in a swing state ya know.

There’s a plethora of reasons I decided to vote for Trump, but let’s not kid ourselves, the Supreme Court decision is imperative to liberty moving forward. It will long outlive Trump’s presidency, whether it turns out okay or miserable. And Trump seeking guidance from Judge Nap shows that Trump actually has pretty good judgement too, at least on some issues.

Judge Napolitano also hinted on Fox Business that they mentioned the stock marketing nearing the 20k mark, which implies the Judge was able to slip some implicit economic anecdotes to Trump too. We can only hope.

We’ll have to watch carefully as things move forward, but as of today, it seems that Trump might be interested in Making Liberty Great Again and for the long run. Libertarians should cheer.

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