Left Privilege – Not White Privilege

It’s left privilege, not white privilege. SJW’s are ruining our world in exchange for their safe spaces.


Welcome to 1984, er I mean 2016! In case you have been cryogenically frozen, the world of social justice has gone askew since the rational days of reform in the 1960’s. Let me catch you up to speed – if you are white you are racist (well, unless you are a progressive), if you are a male you are sexist¬†(well, unless you are a progressive), if you are rich you achieved such means immorally (well, unless you are a progressive). See the pattern?

Well it gets better, let’s go through some of the things that will get you called a racist, sexist, misogynist, or part of this so-called ‘patriarchy’ SJW’s tout. Basically any ugly, demeaning word ending in -ist that the left can think of is grounds to ridicule to for your slightly opposing views.

You are considered racist if you are a right leaning white male who points out you have black friends. Yup, here in 2016 it’s actually racist to have black friends!

Blacks themselves are labeled as Uncle Tom’s, or worse – because it is completely okay for SJW’s to become racist if the minority they are talking to happens to lean to the conservative side.

SJW’s can and will be homophobic too, if that gay guy isn’t a progressive. “Didn’t they see the white house light up with gay pride? How stupid are these gays?” are common thoughts from the SJW’s. It’s even discrimination against females to be gay!

SJWBlaire White, a transgendered Youtuber – whose entire goal is to actually¬†bridge the gap of transgendered and cisgendered people – is constantly ridiculed and harassed by others in the LGBT community, the black life matters movement, and any other SJW’s for her conservative views. It’s probably because she’s better looking than most feminists.

These SJW’s who can’t stand an actual transgender with an opposing view have tried on many occasions to doxx her and her family. If you are unfamiliar, doxxing is the process of leaking personal information – addresses, numbers, family members, etc. – of the SJW’s target to the internet.

I even had a liberal friend of mine say I won the lottery by being a cis straight white male born in America. That’s so inherently wrong – and racist, and sexist, and misogynist, and homophobic. But he left out one key factor that would make everything alright – progressivism.

Despite his lack of black friends, he’s not racist because he’s a progressive. Despite his backwards world view that being white is inherently better than any other race – he’s not a racist because he’s a progressive. Despite him being a cis straight white male – he’s not racist or misogynist or sexist because he’s a progressive.

I’m sick of it.

Disguised as white privilege, the left created a new way to silence others while destroying the lives of those who disagree with them. It’s the exact opposite of tolerance. And the exact opposite way to progress society into a more open, loving, and caring society.

By the way, if you haven’t caught on, white progressives cannot suffer from white privilege because they’re progressives! Duh!

Many people have been fired from their jobs due to the backlash caused by SJW’s. Remember Curt Shilling’s comments about the idiotic transgender bathroom debate?

He’s just one example of many but all these people had to do was express their opinions – which is completely wrong and offensive, by the way, if you are not a progressive – and they got fired from their jobs. Yup that is correct, in 2016 people are getting fired for free speech. But only conservatives!

Just go to your local college and you’re bound to find designated ‘safe spaces’ where all the SJW’s go so they don’t have to hear *gasp* different opinions than their own. They just don’t have the mental capacity to entertain other views.

Their feelings are superior and rational thought and critical thinking gets immediately discarded. Their voice is the only one that matters. Anything they say is for social justice, and anything a conservative says is just wrong. They make it so there can’t even be a discussion.

This is left privilege. This is the real privilege that exists in America and it’s even easier to see in the left’s politicians. Just search Google for “Hillary Clinton is….” then compare the results to Yahoo’s search engine. Or “Deaths associated with c…” on Google, then compare to Bing or Yahoo.

Social Justice is not about justice, it’s about their superiority over the rest of world. It’s about silence. It’s about hate. And most importantly it’s about their own left privilege.

Is it 2016 or 1984?




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