Let’s Change The World

3Millennials, it’s our duty to change this world. We have access to more information (like Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom) than any other generation in history. We must start to change the world before it’s too late.

Government will erode the human race into extinction. Obviously not in our lifetimes, or maybe not even in our kids’ or grandkids’ lifetime, but if we continue down this road eventually it will happen.

Millennials, we have so much knowledge at our fingertips at every second of the day, we mustn’t give in to the government propaganda we’ve been hand fed our entire life.

I’m not talking about conspiracy theories. While they can be somewhat interesting (and I say that so reluctantly) I find them mostly nonsense. But the government is going to destroy us, and no Bush didn’t do 9/11.

Conspiracy theories distract us from the real conversation – government is full of a breed greedier than the left could fathom, and more cynical than the biggest skeptics could dream.

How? Propaganda. The government has led you to believe that World War II helped get us out of a depression (and you wonder why we’ve been at war for so long?), that “nation-building” keeps America safer (despite arming ‘moderate Rebels’ who have turned into ISIS), and continued dismantlement of our rights, (whether gun rights, privacy rights, etc.) among other atrocities. We started with the smallest government the world has ever known and now we’ve expanded to be the biggest government the world has ever known. Something is wrong.

The point of this great nation was self governance. America’s dream was local governments having most of the power, so if any particular individual disagreed with his government, simply moving to another state could be a solution. We’ve completely lost that. We’ve lost sight and focus of what America was born to be.

From teaching Keynesian fallacies, socialism and history from the standpoint that government is much too important to dismiss; to monopolies on certain industries, including but not limited to, wars and infrastructure. We’ve been lied to. Government wants us to think that expanding the government6 is our only option to improve the world. You’re thoughts are being controlled! There’s just one question I have for the left – who pretend to be against wars and violence – what war has transpired without the help of the government? None.

Furthermore, government wants you to believe that you are not smart enough and they must make critical decisions for you because ‘they know best’. They think you’re too stupid to handle any humanitarian task without a monopoly on force and violence. Government wants the left and right arguing over nuances that shouldn’t be the government’s decision anyways. Endless arguing blinds the people from the fact that the state is expanding – that corrupt and greedy politicians get more money and power as a result. They want that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters proved the government wrong. Bernie raised 222.2 million dollars on his campaign – proof that we the people are willing to help fellow humans in need without anyone forcing us to. That’s powerful.

So leftists, please think again before you believe the government propaganda repeatedly telling you ‘no you can’t’. Bernie’s campaign should prove to you that voluntarism can and will work. We don’t need the government, we the people got this.

The truth is most people are good people or we simply wouldn’t be here right now. If we want to see a more peaceful world for future generations, we must fight to shrink the government.

Millennials, now is our chance to fight for the country future generations deserve. We can etch our generation in history – as maybe the most important generation since the time of the founding fathers. That’s powerful.
That’s greatness. Don’t we all strive to be great?

The United Kingdom just successfully passed the Brexit – meaning they are departing from the European Union. What that means on a more simplistic level is that they want their independence. They want their government representing them. The only way a government is more apt to represent you is if it is closer to you, if it is more localized, if it is smaller. It’s much easier to screw over someone you’ve never met and never will meet than it is to screw over your neighbor. It’s human nature.

Millennials, we face maybe the toughest regime in history. Knowledge is our only true weapon, they’ve tried to propagandize as much as they could, but we’re not going to take it. Millennials won’t be the generation known as the last generation who was able to experience Liberty. We will be known as the generation who saved Liberty from an evil totalitarian grip, again. A feat that has not been truly accomplished since 1776.

We have so much knowledge at our fingertips. Go subscribe to the Liberty Classroom. Check out some of the incredible knowledge inside the books on my Liberty Bookshelf. Empower yourself to kill politics. We can’t drop the torch, we must fight back against big government, and improve the lives of our brothers and sisters everywhere. We are the generation who won’t sit back any longer while government destroys our liberties. We will be the change. Are you ready?

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