Libertarianism’s YUGE Opportunity

If you think the Democratic Party is the only political party in ruins because of Trump, I have some good news for you. If it hasn’t been obvious by their reluctance to abolish Obamacare (while keeping the existing conditions mandate) among other bureaucratic disasters, the Republican Party is deeply fractured as well.

I was listening to yesterday’s episode of The Jason Stapleton Program, and he had on the former candidate for the Libertarian Party, Austin Petersen, to discuss the recent CPAC event. Austin made the case that while the Republican Party was split into several different factions – from the Trump supporters, the Milo fans (named the Alt-Light by the Alt-Right), the Alt-Right, the people simply terrified of Hillary Clinton, the constitutionalists, the neocons, the Pat Buchanan paleoconservative types to name a few – libertarianism was the most attractive and people generally showed the least amount of contempt towards it.

Many conservatives (not libertarians)¬†came up to Austin and told him that they would have preferred him to Trump, but since “What is Aleppo” got the nomination, they just had to vote for Trump. I think many lifelong democrats, as my grandparents were before this election, would have ended up voting for Austin too. My grandma, and some of her friends, were flirting with the idea of voting for “What is Aleppo” until they deemed him too much of an idiot to receive their votes.

The Milo scandal may go a long way to turn conservatives away from the current direction of their party. During Trump’s Congressional Speech, Richard Spencer, unanimous leader of the Alt-Right (read: Alt-Left), revealed his true colors of being a socialist and supporting a single payer healthcare system (which he probably only wants for white people) which will bring back many of the libertarians who were flirting with the Alt-Right as well as sway the capitalists away from the Alt-Right.

If Trump doesn’t end up being what his supporters claim he is, they might feel disillusioned and be in the search of something new too.

In addition to this, the left has gone so far left (read: regressive), that many liberals, such as Dave Rubin, are claiming that being a liberal has become a conservative stance in recent years.

The further the left goes left, the more left-leaning centrists will be interested in the libertarian message. Likewise, the further nationalistic, “realist” on race issues, and anti-capitalist (read: Alt-Right) the right becomes, the more capitalist-leaning people will be interested in libertarianism.

There is a YUGE vacuum opening up before our eyes, and libertarianism can be the proper philosophy to fill the void. Now, this might not happen via the Libertarian Party, and honestly it will probably fail if it tries. But who cares? I’m so tired of Libertarians being more obsessed about the letters following a candidate’s name, than the message s/he is preaching.

The Republican Party already exists, and has the power and influence the Libertarian Party could only dream of. It has become exceedingly divided since Bush was in office, and Trump’s presidency might be the catalyst that will make a more libertarian message the central theme of the party.

Now Austin is flirting with the idea of running for office in 2018 as a GOP member, which I have already stated my support. With Austin’s success with conservatives last election cycle, his Stonegait Institute and his Loki super PAC, we are positioned to infiltrate the GOP on a massive scale in the next decade.

Party’s can change, and they are undergoing monumental changes as I write this, which will only continue as time goes on. The more both party’s change and lose former members, the better the chance libertarians have in defeating the zombies. This will make it much easier to impact change in our direction. Let’s not blow libertarianism’s YUGE opportunity like we blew the opportunity in 2016.

Don’t older libertarians such as Ron Paul, Walter Block, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Lew Rockwell (missing: Bill Weld) and the like deserve to see some change in a libertarian direction before their time comes?

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