With More Gun Control, Comes More Attacks

It’s almost too obvious. First, I’m not even going to touch on the idea that our interventions cause more hatred for us in the first place. That’s a story for another day. I just wish to break down the gun control debate and how potential enemies could use it for their advantage….

A Note To Bernie Supporters

I know exactly how you guys feel. Despite all the publicity you might be seeing from our libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson – I was not a fan. Like you, I saw my preferred candidate lose because of a rigged establishment branch of our party having the ultimate say. Like you,…

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic

I intend to turn “The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic” into a frequent talking point. So this will be my first ‘episode’, if you will, of many. For the first installment, I wanted to dive into the left’s hypocrisy of certain economic systems, and their solutions: Socialism and ‘Trickle Down’ Economics…

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