Protesting is Stupid

Well, Trump has officially became the 45th President of the United States. And you know what that means – protesters en masse coming out to “keep Trump accountable” about all our rights. What they are really doing is inconveniencing some people, and gives talking heads on TV something extra to talk about.

Some of the protests seemed peaceful, even like a big party; while on ABC right now, there seems to be some violence arising. It’s probably the ancoms, but I digress. UPDATE: it was the ancoms, and this is just a general reminder that ancoms are not real anarchists.

Protesting is stupid, in general, especially the ones of recent. The LGBT/feminist protests, Black Lives Matter, the multiple Trump protests, etc. They all attempt to point out potential symptoms of society’s many problems, while failing provide any solutions. Actually, their solution, it seems, is the act of protesting itself.

Furthermore, they don’t even define the root of the problems which eventually falls back to state power. Let’s take Black Lives Matter. Instead of focusing on why any cop has the authority to kill anyone, innocent or guilty, black or white, they blame everything of racism. Am I denying racism is involved? No, it’s a rather difficult thing to prove, but I am denying that racism is the root cause of the problem. If racism was the root cause, you wouldn’t see any cops killing white people, or black cops killing other black citizens, etc. Obviously, the problem lies deeper than just racism.

What about the Trump protestors? As I’m watching ABC, one female protester said she was there to protest Trump because of his stances on women, LGBT, and immigrants. But what bad stances does Trump even have on women? I mean, he said that one thing once, but his policies aren’t discriminatory towards women. Same with the LGBT group, he even held up their flag – an act much more “liberal” than any act Obama did back in 2007. Immigration is an issue that at least kind of makes sense, yet he has only ever expressed interest to deport illegal immigrants. Huge difference.

The Trump protestors, similar to BLM, emphasize one symptom and their only solution is to protest. This time instead of racism – though it is attached to this issue as well – Trump is the evil elephant in the room. Yet, these are the same people who loved Obama, and could care less when Obama expanded the power of the executive branch throughout his presidency. They falsely define an apparent symptom, yet continually miss the underlying cause: big government.

When you understand that all these problems stem from the state, it’s pretty simple to see that protesting serves no purpose whatsoever. The BLM group protested racism instead of too much power wielded by the state. As a result – and since some turned violent – they have an unfavorable public opinion and have done nothing to stop police brutality. The police used their force to inflict brutal punishments, regardless of whatever laws they were supposed to abide by, and they still do. The actual protests backfire because it creates more tension between the communities, but they don’t change their voting habits –  and democrats always want more state power.

Same with Trump. They protested hard, yet he still won and still was inaugurated today. I just got an update on my phone: 95 protesters arrested after they smashed windows and damaged cars… 2 police officers were hurt. Exactly what I am talking about: this does nothing but inspire hate. Since when does protesting supposedly “fascism” with actual fascism work? And these people weren’t mad when Obama was indirectly expanding Donald Trump’s power as the President? See how they completely miss the problem, which is statism.

These protests do nothing to change anything because they often incorrectly define the problem, they turn to violence quickly, which tends to backfire and actually make things worse for whatever community they are “protesting” for.

Usually, when the problem is the state itself, it’s not wise to call on the state to fix that problem.

The real solution is shrinking statism, which ultimately has a monopoly on the legitimacy of the use of force and continually offers horrid candidates with no way of changing if voters, or consumers, are unsatisfied until the next election. Unlike the free market, which constantly has to provide value to consumers or face bankruptcy, government has no way to be held accountable for their actions. And that is the real catalyst behind many of our problems today.


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