Scott Rupert for Ohio Senate

Ohioans have a huge chance to elect a stand up citizen. Scott Rupert will shake things up and restore integrity to the government. He understands there’s several huge flaws haunting our country, and plans to actually fix them.

I agree with Scott Rupert on almost every issue. I’ll make the case on why you shouldn’t vote for Ted Strickland, or Rob Portman, and instead cast your ballot for someone just like you – a truck driver fed up with the establishment, and with a love for freedom and liberty.


Why Not Strickland

Well this one should really be a no-brainer. Most recently he exclaimed that the late Justice Scalia’s death couldn’t come at a better time. If that doesn’t prove his incompetence to make good critical decisions, in 1998, his campaign manager – as Strickland ran for House of Representatives in the 6th district – was found guilty of exposing himself to minors. Strickland denied these sources despite having information that it was true:

“At the end of the 1998 campaign, an anonymous source informed Strickland of these criminal offenses. Strickland now claims that he confronted his campaign manager and accepted the man’s denial at face value. The record now shows that Strickland was evidently also confronted at the same time with an arrest report from the Washington County Sheriff’s office alleging the same type of offense regarding the campaign manager.” (source: here)

So he’s a liar, and has been a part of the so-called establishment (serving as a House member and then later as the governor), he’s had his chance, let’s move on.

Why Not Portman

Well, he’s not a particularly seasoned critical decision maker either. In a recent advertisement, Armorsource – a creator of helmets – recalls Portman helped them get through the immense lobbying. Normally, I would be on board, yet Armorsource sold helmets which were defective and recalled. From The Washington Times:

“More than 126,000 helmets manufactured at a Texas prison under a government contract were recalled after inspectors found major defects, including serious ballistic failures, in 2010, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General. Even though the government and taxpayers lost $19 million on the defective helmets, ArmorSource, the company responsible for the helmets, was awarded more government contracts even as the Justice IG probe was being conducted.”

Portman allowed Armorsource to be able to compete again, after putting our troops in danger with defective helmets, and costing taxpayers millions.

Also, Portman doesn’t support gay marriage. Republicans, let me give you a little secret. If you think marriage is deemed by God to be between a man and woman, you can still think that if government recognizes gay marriage. Government is not God, and if you continue this anti-gay marriage mantra, it will only give the opposing party more ammo to call you bigots. If you keep it up, you’ll watch your party fade into extinction. The truth is government shouldn’t be involved in private contracts between private individuals.

Why Scott Rupert

Rupert is a complete outsider from the political realm. He’s a truck driver who understands the struggles of the middle class, and the destructiveness caused by an overbearing government. I’ll highlight some of his policy stances:

  • Securing our borders by making legal immigration easier, yet more difficult if you try entering illegally
  • Every American has a natural right to protect themselves, their families, and their property
  • Abolish the Income Tax – as nobody should incur debt simply by working
  • Get the government out of the marriage business
  • Abolish the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • More localized education – emphasizing it’s best when done local and parental
  • Fixing Medicare and Social Security and giving all those under 50 (like me!) an opt-out option
  • Restructuring support for the veterans
  • On budgeting and spending.. “I’m a truck driver, not a politician. I know how hard it is to earn the money that Congress spends. I would REALLY like to make them stop!

There’s even more great stances and I invite you to visit his website here. Rupert is an everyday citizen, with a love of liberty who sees drastic problems in the current affairs of government on both sides.

He’s Ohio’s best chance to see positive improvement in our home state, and I invite you to join me in voting for him tomorrow! The truth is the president has little power to change most things, if we really want to shake things up, we need to elect state and local representatives that will shake things up too.

Scott Rupert for Ohio Senate 2016!

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