Showdown: The Zodiac Killer vs Grandpa Giveaway

If you live under a rock, which doesn’t even have wi-fi (it is the current year you know), then I’ll forgive you for not viewing the debate of the year, if not, YouTube is your friend. A classic showdown happened just last night when political differences clashed – relatively free market economics met its age-old opponent emotional “democratic” socialism – and debated on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or as it turns out many Americans don’t realize it’s street name, Obamacare.

One the one side, you had the Zodiac Killer, Ted Cruz (R-TX), and on the other you had Grandpa Giveaway, Bernard Sanders (D-VT). Likewise, Cruz brought many sources, facts, figures, rationality and reality; while Sanders brought fear-mongering, emotional rhetoric, ration cards, and utter economic illiteracy. Cruz held his own, and actually impressed me with his defense of the free market, but, and this is the crucial point, I don’t think the debate changed too many minds.

As entertaining as it was, if the debate failed to change any minds then it’s hard to describe it as anything other than a failure. Unfortunately, it seems Grandpa Giveaway has harnessed some evil emotional sorcery which he uses to discredit any free market approach by uttering the words, “you’re gonna die, republicans just want you to die”. Sad!

It was surprising how unprepared Bernie was. He never truly made an argument, he just gave a fear-mongering emotional story about how many people will die. Many times he actually supported the free market without realizing it. He said there was too much paperwork, too much bureaucracy in the healthcare system, and that the only way to fix these problems are to make the entire system more bureaucratic, giving more power to government despite their obvious failures. In the free market, losses are just as important as profits, Bernie has still not realized this.

Cruz battled Bernie hard, but missed some knockout blows. When asked by Bernie if healthcare was a right, he defended rights, yet failed to mention that if you conscript someone by force to serve someone else that it is strikingly similar to slavery. Unfortunately, the millions of followers Bernie has duped don’t realize this underlying problem of the free healthcare system they preach.

Cruz attacked Bernie’s idea by comparing it to the inefficiency seen in healthcare in European countries and Canada, and correctly made the claim that when government is left in complete control that they ration and discriminate hard, especially against the elderly. Yet, Bernie said that in America we ration by money. Cruz let an opportunity slip when he didn’t combat this false claim by elaborating that rationing by money is a much fairer system than rationing by government preference and those with political clout. How successful one is should have to do with how much value he has been able to provide to others, not how many political favors he has performed.

Once you realize that the government is an institution funded by theft, this becomes glaringly obvious that this should not be the preferred method of receiving healthcare.

From Being Libertarian

The nail in Bernie’s coffin didn’t even come from a relentless Cruz, but rather LaRhonda Hunter, an owner of five hair salons in Texas, employing 45-48 people. She asked Bernie how she is supposed to expand her business, and hire more people, when after 50 employees Obamacare requires that the business owner provide all employees with healthcare. Ms. Hunter does not even have healthcare herself because she cannot afford it. Did Bernie care? Of course not, he deflected the question and when forced to answer, he winced and said that it is her duty to provide healthcare to her employees – never mind that it will bankrupt her, never mind that she would have to fire all of her employees, never mind that she couldn’t even afford healthcare herself. In Bernie’s delusional mind, all business owners are evil.

Cruz hit home on a few other points including the restrictions the FDA places on life-saving medicines that are approved elsewhere in the developed world, the ability to buy healthcare across state lines, and the idea of a portable healthcare system, which means one wouldn’t lose his or her healthcare if one loses their job.

However, the guy hosting the YouTube stream that I watched the debate on held a vote, and Bernie won that vote. It was a sample size of about 12,000 people, which worries me. If you understand basic economic theories, its obvious Cruz dominated the debate. However, the critical problem facing society today is that most don’t understand basic economic theories.

When you fundamentally don’t understand economics, and consequently, don’t think that scarce resources should be allocated to the consumers’ value scales, emotional fear-mongering rhetoric becomes extremely popular. Cruz failed to sync into that worldview, and missed opportunities to make Bernie supporters think critically about what it is that they preach.

If we can thank Hillary Clinton for one thing, let’s thank her for rigging the DNC primaries and as a result saving of from the disastrous policies Bernie Sanders advocates for.

Who do you think won? Comment below!

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