Socialist Lines vs Capitalist Lines

Pero Like recently released this Buzzfeed-esque video, highlighting the economic disaster in socialist Venezuela.

To Bernie Sanders’s dismay, Venezuela has long abandoned his perfect economic model of waiting over twelve hours in lines, waiting for food. Back in August, the lines for food got so long, and dangerous, in Venezuela that they had to start fining businesses for letting their lines get too long. Now, it’s unsure whether the economical illiterate Bernie Sanders is in favor of the banning of his beloved bread lines for a monthly drop off of a random selection of food, but I bet he finds the lack of choice uplifting – though, it is a bit ironic because the same guy who hates the ability of individuals to choose from a variety of products, himself owns three different houses.

As the video explains, Venezuelans now receive a monthly food package, containing a random fix of goods, which average between $200 and $500 per package. The items are completely random and you have no say-so in what you receive. This is the socialist solution to long lines.

As disaster ensues in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez shirts are becoming more and more popular among millennials in the western world. It’s almost like they’ve benefitted from the rise in living standards provided by capitalism so much that they are completely disconnected from the realities of socialism. Their ignorance goes so deep that by throwing one adjective in front of socialism, democratic, that it magically fixes all the problems and destruction that has been caused to humans by the very same economic system.

Now let’s contrast this to long lines in the capitalist society. When we think of long lines in America, the first thing many of us think is the lines on Black Friday – where most retailers will sell their products for a heavy discount. Basic supply and demand can explain why more people want goods at a cheaper price rather than a more expensive price.

The consumers are getting a deal by waiting in the extra long lines on Black Friday, which still, are about 12 hours shorter than the socialist lines in Venezuela, yet the Venezuelans are receiving no deal, they are trying to survive.

Yesterday, I decided to get Chipotle for dinner. Thanks to the efficiencies of capitalism, Chipotle has designed an app to help people skip through the entire line by ordering the food from home. Obviously, Chipotle’s burritos are in high demand, and since the profit motive makes them value their consumers, the decision to design an app like theirs has been a great success. But what if there still is a line?

That was the case for me yesterday. When I pulled into Chipotle, I glanced inside and saw the line wrapping around the entire store. Thankfully, I ordered my food through their app, yet there even was a line for online orders.

I ordered my food to be picked up at 4:30 pm, and I showed up a few minutes later. However, I had to wait in an online order line that had about five people ahead of me. I waited for no more than ten minutes while they helped the other online orders, as well as orders coming from those in the store.

When it was finally my turn to get my food, they told me that my meal was on them because I had to wait so long – which was no more than ten minutes! Chipotle gave me my food completely free because I waited an extra fifteen minutes, in total, from when I was supposed to have picked up my food. Free!

This is not the first time this has happened either. There has been one other time when I waited long enough to get my meal completely free, and a handful of times when I only had to wait a couple extra minutes which they compensated me with a free drink. Why have they given me and others food completely free of charge? They want us to come back.

In a nutshell, this is the difference between socialist lines and capitalist lines. The former must end the formation of lines through force due to violence ensuing because people are starving. The latter compensates you for your wait in an attempt to revisit them when they’re less busy.

There should be no debate on which economic system is better, by looking at socialist lines vs capitalist lines, one can see the overwhelming truth.

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