The Human Mind is More Valuable than the Earth

President Trump recently released his budget plan, and the EPA is expected to be cut by 31 percent. Progressives believe this will cause the world to burn. I just wish he’d cut the other 69 percent too.

It’s not that I don’t like the environment, and I wish for the place where I live to vanish from the Milky Way. Or that I want all the animals and plants to go extinct leaving humans with no food.

I just value the human mind – that which distinguishes us from animals – more valuable than the planet we inhabit.

Before humans began building capital goods from the land resources mixed with their labor, the Earth was a brutal jungle. Kill or be killed. The only goal was survival.

What freed us from this primitive violence of nature was human ingenuity. What were once tools for slaughter became tools for production. Where violence once existed, mutual exchanges made peace possible. If the human mind is superior at only one thing it is to create, rather than destroy.

Earth without humans would regress into the wicked wilderness of the past. Humans without Earth could create or find a suitable planet to occupy. For this to be feasible, we need to create the most amount of wealth before Earth’s doomsday.

Despite the concerns of bleeding heart environmentalists, Earth’s doomsday is far in the future. Whatever good (or nefarious) intentions the members of the EPA have, what is objectively true is that they diminish the standard of living of citizens of our country.

Simply their existence performs this task. Every time money is forced out of your paycheck into the hands of the EPA, you have less real wealth. Goods that are deemed harmful for the environment will cost more money, as is implicit with more laws and regulations. Double whammy!

This indirectly lowers the chances we might have of ever leaving Earth, as it diminishes our standard of living while we still are on Earth.

I trust the human mind to solve complex problems, such as abandoning our home planet. When we deprive future generations of the wealth that could have been created, we are only diminishing their chances of survival.

Rather than depleting some of our scarce resources on the EPA, we would better serve future generations by refocusing those resources to (private) space exploration, 3D printing, or any other way of actively preventing our demise.


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