The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic: Defeat Fascism with Fascism!

By now I’m sure everyone has seen the now viral video of Richard Spencer, a falsely-accused (Neo) Nazi and proclaimed leader of the Alt-right, being sucker punched in the face by a masquerading “anarchist”. The regressive leftists of the world are championing this “brave act” as a way to fight “abusers of human rights”. Laughable.

They are so blinded by their emotions, that they simply throw temper tantrums whenever someone has a view they don’t like, no different than a toddler would act. For starters, Spencer is not a Nazi, but rather an “identitarian”. His main belief is that America should undergo a peaceful ethic cleansing to save European culture. (Note the word peaceful).

Whether I agree with Spencer’s views or not is unimportant for this article, but just in case anyone wants to arbitrarily declare that I am a Nazi sympathizer (like regressive leftists have), I do not agree with Spencer’s views.

But yes, it is true, I was indeed called a Nazi sympathizer and accused of supporting abusers of humans rights for exclaiming to old high school colleagues that the punch was not justified. Somehow, they completely ignored that the only abuse to human rights (I should remind you, that they only care about when we have a Republican president) was Spencer getting punched in the face! Human rights are now arbitrarily defined by regressive leftists’ as whatever they want!

I gave them a basic thought experiment to see whose rights were actually violated, it went something like this: Imagine you have two people, Guy A and Guy B. Guy A has thoughts you don’t like; Guy B sucker punches Guy A, whose rights were violated? They deflected and as was stated earlier, used the ad hominem attack which mislabeled me as a Nazi sympathizer. Lawl.

Their response was I forget to mention that Guy A believes most of the world should be exterminated, except, you know, he doesn’t at all¹. It’s just more angry, unjustified emotions that they are desperately trying to justify. Spencer has said that he doesn’t (note the “n’t” suffix) want nonwhites to be captive as slave, rather he wants America to become an ethno-state, like how Israel is for Jewish people.

Yet, where’s the outrage over Israel? Furthermore, where’s the outrage for any other nationalistic state? Most countries have rather strict immigration laws compared to the U.S. But, we all know liberals despise consistency, critical thinking, and facts.

They went on to say that supporting white supremacy is inexcusable and that the violence shouldn’t stop at a punch to the face, but hammers should be used and murder should be the end goal of people who have different thoughts than them. The left is just so tolerant of opposing views. Notice how violent these people are as well.

These two regressive leftists I was battling went on to concede that yes, he doesn’t have actual power, but they countered that claim by saying he has violent rhetoric and influence, which is just as powerful. They went full circle: we should stop violent rhetoric with….. you guessed it! violent rhetoric. Notice their utter lack of consistency in trying to defeat fascism with fascism? These people are real zombies, guided by nothing but emotion alone.

They don’t even realize that they indirectly support someone of Spencer’s ilk coming to power one day by their voting habits. Their whole worldview is that the president should have unlimited power, but only if it is their guy (or gal). Notice the utter lack of critical thinking? They don’t even entertain that by expanding the executive’s power they are potentially expanding the power of a future tyrant.

They finished their emotional misrepresentation of his views to justify using violence by sarcastically saying we should be sympathetic because he can’t commit global genocide like he wants. Except he is calling for the peaceful transition to an ethno-state. Notice the utter lack of facts in favor of their whimsical emotional reasoning?

The worst part of this whole situation is, by resorting to violence instead of debate, they kind of make Spencer’s point. It shouldn’t be hard to defeat people with backwards views like Spencer in debate. But as the regressive left rears its ugly head, they have proven that it is hard for leftists to defeat people in the arena of ideas. These people, who are so quick to respond to thoughts and words with violence, are much worse than Spencer.

¹ I apologize for the link to Wikipedia, but the Times magazine interview where Spencer clarifies his views is blocked unless you subscribe, and I refuse to subscribe to it. If you are a subscriber, you can click here.
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