The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic – Tolerance and Diversity

After a week of President-elect Donald J. Trump, the left continues to show their true colors. As protests turned into riots, private property has been destroyed all because they don’t accept the results of the democratic system – which is ironic in itself. Which begs the question, I thought these people were tolerant of opposing views?


For years the left has pretended to be all about tolerance of different views and how diversity was for the greater benefit of America, what they meant was identity politics leads to more democratic votes and that is what benefits America. They disguise their malice and disdain behind compassion and acceptance but it is really about domination and brute force.

The left have become glorified bullies who somehow convince themselves that they are standing on the moral higher ground. Behind this logic, they can commit any atrocity because they rationalize it by ‘being for the greater good’.

Fed by the media’s propaganda, the election of Trump has turned into vindictive rage with seemingly no goal, other than creating chaos. Oregon, where most of the riots are happening, voted democratic as a state, and over half of the protestors didn’t even vote.

Now, I am completely fine with not voting and even protesting an election in which you didn’t vote in; there are valid arguments for either voting or not. However, when you are just waiting for mayhem to break out so you can destroy as much property as you want, that is a real problem.

I’m not even alluding that all leftists are like this, but you do gain some valuable insights by looking at the extremes of the underlying left or right paradigm. On the left, this includes anarcho-communists who will stop at nothing to destroy the world they live in to create a Marxist/Leninist utopia they so desire. On the right, this includes anarcho-capitalists who vehemently believe in the Non-Aggression Principle, which states that you must not use force against peaceful people unless aggressed upon first.

Given the two anarchistic extremes, which paradigm seems to be more tolerant, more accepting, more peaceful? Yet, somehow due to their engagement in identity politics the left nefariously claims the moral high ground on these issues. It’s true, some on the left are outstanding moral citizens, but most use this as an advantage to bully others who have different views.

You can see this through their inability to speak out on totalitarian cultural regimes such as the riots, the safe spaces, the insults when faced with another’s views. It’s becoming more and more evident that they only care about diversity if it is liberal diversity, never conservative diversity.

They don’t seem to realize that diversity is precisely about accepting views you personally disagree with. Their heads are so clouded that rich people are the scum of the earth they never just think and realize that most rich people become rich directly by providing value to other people, increasing the standard of living for everybody. They’re so indoctrinated to think conservatives are evil people they don’t even question why conservatives believe the things they do.

This logic is incompatible with real tolerance and real diversity. It leads them to live in a world of confirmation bias, dogma, and intolerance for anyone who disagrees. Ana Kasparian, host of The Young Turks, exemplifies this logic. After it was evident Trump would do the unthinkable, win, she said this about her fellow women,

“I have no respect for women who voted for Trump, I think so poorly of them and the reason why is because – look I don’t think you’re a single issue voter – I think you’re dumb. I think you’re f***ing dumb. I’m losing my mind tonight because of how stupid the majority of the country is.”

Which begs the question, I thought these people were tolerant of opposing views?


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