The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic – Who’s Greedier?

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic II – Who’s Greedier?


I’m back with The Hypocrisy of Liberal Logic! As some may know, this is a topic I want to keep coming back to for more blog posts because their inconsistency in their logic is staggering. Since the left is so quick to call business owners, corporations, and republicans greedy – we’re going to examine their greed.

It’s no surprise liberals are winning the messaging and marketing game. If you were like me, you grew up not knowing much of anything about politics except democrats were for the poor, and greedy republicans were for the rich. I even had a friend say that to me just the other day…

Once you start thinking critically for yourself, you realize that’s a bunch of bologna. From the outside, democrats can be seen as the party for the poor as they usually sell their social programs – and their reelections – to ‘help’ the poor (and line their pockets). But their programs usually tend to hurt the ones they intended to help.

Policies like the minimum wage laws and welfare system are perfect examples. Minimum wage laws have hurt minorities from ever even getting jobs, whereas welfare creates a deep dependency – a slight form of slavery – on the government. Both of these policies primarily hurt the poorest among us.

The liberal’s logic is that the republicans are too greedy, and they’ll underpay their employees with no minimum wage. Despite affecting a minuscule portion of the population, they stick to their flawed beliefs and hurt the ones they intended to help.

But don’t worry! The government will help you out if you can’t get a job! Just get on welfare and become dependent on the government, while never gaining the much needed experience to move up in the labor market. The left is running a racket on those individuals selling themselves into a form of slavery – and making everyone else pay for it.

The left sells their message disguised as helping the poor, but the more accurate depiction of their message is to rob your neighbor and give it to some third-party group. The liberals won’t spend any of their own money of course, but once they rob you they’ll really be able to help the poor!

Since they frame it as helping the poor – something I’m sure many people would want – they can easily call the other side greedy for wanting to keep their own money. They pretend like the only way humans can help other, less fortunate humans is through government. But people help other people all the time without the government.

Government just adds another level of bureaucracy, another level of possible corruption, another obstacle from transferring money from Group A to Group B. And they steal the money they use to fund these programs, and use force if you choose not to comply – which can end in death or in your isolation into a locked cage.

All taxation is theft, and even if you can’t agree, we can all agree everything would be much cheaper without taxes. There would be more prosperity by default. Increasing taxes is to decrease real money people have, which exponentially affects the poorest among us because they have less real money to throw away.

5But the democrats don’t care, they are just acting in their own self interests. Less real money for the poor means more government dependency they’ll demand. The more dependency the more they can steal from the people who have worked hard to earn the money and reward those who haven’t earned anything. All the while, gaining popularity to be reelected.

All politicians act in their own self-interests, just like we all do. But the left always wants more taxes – to steal from those who have earned their money – because they think they can help the poor better than you can.

It’s still theft. It’s still immoral. And it’s even greedier to use stolen money to help the poor than wanting to keep all of your money you earned for yourself. Shame on you democrats, you won’t trick us forever (hopefully).


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