The Progessives Created Donald Trump

As Donald Trump officially (read: finally) wins the presidency, it seems to me that a large portion of progressives are completely oblivious to their role in the rise of his victory. But Saul Alisnky’s precious rules have finally started to fail you.

Calling everyone you disagree with (including Trump) a racist has led to Trump.

Calling everyone you disagree with (including Trump) a sexist has led to Trump.

Calling everyone you disagree with (enter a leftist hot-button insult here) has led to Trump.

Your condescending attitude proclaiming you know everything under the sun has led to the rise of Trump.

And I’m talking about nonsense propaganda here folks. Namely, the propaganda of the wage gap, the propaganda of climate change, the propaganda that there’s 700 genders, the propaganda that all Republicans are evil (but never quite as evil as the current one running), the propaganda of the so-called ‘patriarchy’. It’s the same propaganda that Trump supporters are deplorable, the same propaganda that Trump supporters are downright stupid, and yes, the same propaganda that Hillary ever had a chance to win that has failed you.


The arrogant nature of receiving all your information from the same propagandized leftist organizations (read more here) then belittling anyone who disagrees has led you to live in a disillusioned world disconnected from reality. You’ve exchanged rationalization with insults, tolerance with tyranny, acceptance with gawk, compassion with bigotry.

You bear more responsibility for President Trump than you can fathom.

The pretentious nature of having every celebrity ever tell you that they know what’s best for middle and lower class Americans echoes Hillary’s poor ability to relate to those who don’t share the elite status.

The media colluded with Hillary this entire election – especially political hacks like Paul Krugman. They hand-fed you distortions of the truth about Trump instead of focusing on areas where Trump was actually bad. They focused on exaggerations (read: lies) of what Trump has said in areas where Hillary Clinton was far worse.

For example, lying about Trump wanting to get initially involved in the affairs of the Middle East. (Sure, he might’ve said something on the Howard Stern Show LONG before he decided to run for president, but let us not forget Hillary was the only one who actually voted on such an issue.)

The deceitful plot to make Hillary supporters think Trump actually thinks all Mexicans are rapists – despite the highest hispanic turnout for a Republican in recent history.

The lies that Trump is a sexist for his ‘attacks’ on Hillary (his opponent), where he was just as reckless when insulting former GOP males. The careful, calculated misinformation the media spewed to try to prevent a Trump victory is exactly what led to it.

Tom Woods put it best in his daily newsletter:

“A vote for Trump, simply stated, is a middle finger to the media, the academic establishment, the entertainment world, the Social Justice Warriors, the elites of both parties, all of it.”

Saul Alisnky’s rule #8, namely, ‘keep the pressure on, never let up’, has been backfiring catastrophically – which has led to the rise of the alt-right – and you completely missed it happening. While you were busy calling every white person a racist, every male a sexist, and every Christian a homophobe, people were getting fed up. Donald Trump tapped into that feeling and created a movement that we will not accept the PC culture as American culture.

And it all falls back on tolerance of other people’s views. The truth is, I personally think it’s morally disgusting to be a racist, or to not accept gays or transgenders as normal people. But, given you can’t impose your racist or homophobic views on anybody with the threat of force, I respect an individual’s decision to take a morally cringe-worthy stance such as stated above. It is their right, given they own themselves, to think however they want. It only becomes dangerous when thoughts become violent actions.

I personally think *some* climate change has been happening, but to force others into accepting that view (with the treat of jail) is almost as foolish as tricking children into learning ‘science’ despite being an engineer – like Bill Nye.

But the answer isn’t to whimper into your delicate safe spaces where you can hear the same confirmation bias confirming your false reality of the world over and over again. The answer isn’t to double down on insulting every single person you disagree with. The answer isn’t spreading more hate. The answer is debate – to challenge those with different views with logic and reason instead of rhetoric and emotion. It probably wouldn’t hurt to elect an anti-war candidate next time either.

All over social media, I see these same leftists stuck in their own world continue to attack Trump supporters for being a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist, etc. For uneducated citizens being the sole reason Trump was elected. (It’s almost like Clinton’s supporters never visited Wikileaks, believing the propaganda that it came from Russia!) For blaming third party supporters for being the reason Trump won, instead of looking in the mirror.

Your candidate was a morbidly corrupt and evil woman. Your candidate was – if one candidate had to be – a closeted racist, a closeted white supremacist, a liar, and a closeted neocon who wished to profit off of the destruction of the world.

I think it’s time you accept the blame yourself instead of trying to pawn it off on some other group. You are the ones who bear the most responsibility for the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th president of the United States. The progressives created Donald Trump, and now we must reap what has been sewn.


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