The Real Solution (That Nobody is Talking About)

3After news of the shooting, the left and the right were quick to politicize their agenda. Hillary called for an end of assault rifles. She deemed them a weapon of war that has no place on our streets. It’s rather astonishing – that being a criminal herself – Hillary still can’t grasp that criminals don’t follow the laws too well. She even went as far to say that anyone under FBI investigation should not be able to buy a gun. Which just begs the question – what makes it alright to run for president if you’re under FBI investigation?

Trump, on the other authoritarian hand, used the shooting to double down (or triple down) on immigration policy. Trump seems to think that if we just stop letting Muslims into our country these hate filled mass shootings will stop. Apparently, Trump overlooked that the shooter was born in the United States.

But this shooter is too unique for any of the age-old leftist or rightist propaganda that is always thrown at the American citizens, with the hope that we are too dumb to realize what’s actually happening. He had a clean legal record – despite being suspected by the FBI for terrorism – he worked for G4S (a government job and segment of Homeland Security), and he was probably gay.

There are some immediate conflicts of interest – a suspected terrorist, being watched by the FBI, was able to work for a governmental security company! He didn’t commit any American crimes, but he was a frequent visitor of the gay bar he shot up – Muslims are against gays and drinking alcohol – and the shooter enjoyed both. But no gun legislation would’ve prevented him from getting his hands on a gun. Just as no immigration policy would’ve stopped him before he infiltrated America – he was born here. It seemed an internal conflict – either being Muslim or being an alcohol drinking homosexual – pushed him over the edge.

Whether he had ISIS ties or not, my bet is that ISIS will claim any brutal attack that happens whether they influenced the decision or not. Which leads us to the real question: how could we ever stop these wicked attacks? To those not brainwashed by the left’s or the right’s propaganda the answer is pretty obvious. The problem is our foreign policy and if we want to actually prevent these attacks from happening again we need to reconsider endlessly dropping bombs.

First, it’s important to note, that despite the propaganda, Congress has never officially declared war on ISIS. Instead, our president thought it would be humanitarian to drop almost 25,000 bombs on Middle Eastern countries in 2015 alone. How would you feel if your family, friends and neighbors constantly lived in fear of a bomb falling on them? What would you do to make your family safer?

Those are crucial questions because with the more bombs we drop, the more sympathizers ISIS gets. We make it easier for ISIS to recruit members by giving normal non-radicalized people reasons to despise us. We might have killed their family! You can’t hate the shooter but neglect the damage we’ve done to their side – in the end we all are human beings. An innocent life lost is always immoral, no matter what imaginary lines you were born into.

Furthermore, before our first intervention into the Middle East back in the early 1990s to take down Saddam Hussein, terrorist attacks were virtually nonexistent. Sure, a few happened here or there, but it’s obvious that since our intervention they have only become more and more deadly. When we break it 5down even further, it’s apparent how detrimental our foreign policy is.

When fighting Al-Qaeda we armed ‘moderate rebels’ – with the same guns Hillary wants to ban in America – to help aid us. It turns out the rebels our government deemed moderate ended up turning into ISIS.

In a nutshell, we tried to overthrow a dictator by arming jihadists with more radical views, and now they are in control. We would’ve been better off without any interventions.

The solution isn’t more bombs and less immigration, any more than it is more bombs and more restrictive gun control. The major Republicrat party is distracting you with propaganda so you are unaware that both Republicans and Democrats are one of the same.

We need a foreign policy that doesn’t involve ourselves with foreign affairs, killing far more innocent people on both sides than is morally acceptable, even one innocent life lost is completely immoral. It’s our job to spread the message of Liberty – and peace and tolerance – so future generations have a chance to enjoy this beautiful planet without living in fear or worse, under an authoritarian government with no moral code.

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