The State Claims Yet Another Life

The Police State shoots and kills Alton Sterling, yet another innocent black man.


When will this all just end?

As the story goes Alton Sterling was selling CDs in the parking lot of his friend’s, Abdullah Muflahi, mart. Then there were calls to 911 claiming that someone – specifically Alton Sterling – was waving a gun around. Allegedly, Sterling presented his gun after a homeless man asked for money, and the homeless man was the one to call the police. There is a lot of confusion if this really happened or not, Muflahi claims it wasn’t in Sterling’s character to just whip his gun out. Whether it happened or not, the important nugget of knowledge is Sterling did not kill anyone. America does not practice an eye for an eye, but even if we did, there would still be a huge injustice committed.

Sterling did not deserve to lose his life. Under any circumstances. We are supposed to be the land of the free, where we are innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty until proven innocent. That might be true for me because I am white, but the State is racist. If there was a call about a black guy having a gun, you can bet they are treating him like he’s guilty until he can prove himself innocent.

Unfortunately, Sterling did not even get a chance to present the latter – to prove his innocence. The State had other plans.

Now, being as objective as I can here, Sterling probably was resisting arrest. From what I can decipher from the videos – which I will provide a link towards the bottom to an article displaying them since the content is extremely graphic – he was resisting which led to him getting tackled and tazed before they took his life.

Resisting arrest is never a smart decision, it is safer to just obey the men in uniforms so you don’t get murdered. It is illegal to resist arrest, even if you are innocent. But is a human life the price one should pay for resisting arrest?! Someone was killed. He might have been innocent, he might have even been guilty, but a life should’ve never been lost.

After tackling him to the ground, the officers, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake, were struggling with him. They claim he was reaching for his gun. From what the videos show, even if Sterling was reaching for his gun, he was in a position where the gun would’ve been pretty useless. It wasn’t an immediate threat. It was hardly a threat at all with two cops on top of him. But from the video it doesn’t even look like Sterling was reaching for his gun.

Cop’s lives matter too, don’t misconstrue me, and cops do need to protect themselves if they feel threatened. However, in this situation I think the cops acted out of racism instead of their safety. After claiming Sterling was reaching for his gun they shot him twice in the chest. Then four more times.

During a press conference today, the police refused to comment on whether he even had a gun. So a man lost his life for selling CDs, and maybe having a gun on him. The State isn’t just completely incompetent, they are racist murderers too.

The State is the elephant in the room here. Yet, leftists will be the first to call out any hint of racism, or how we need more ‘gun control’ – also known as the State being allowed to have guns, but the citizens are not – but completely ignore how racist the State is, and how quick they will use their guns for evil. For murder. Especially when a black man is involved.

We all need to rethink trusting the State on every single issue they claim they can solve or help. This is not the first time, and unfortunately I doubt it will be the last time, that an innocent African-American man’s life is lost. The only way to prevent another disaster like this is to strip the State of their power.

Rest in Peace Alton Sterling. 

Click here to see the videos.

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