Voluntarism Actually Works… In Real Life

First, let me apologize for not being behind the keyboard for a while, though it feels great being back. During my absence, I’ve been busy starting a new mobile app developer company – which you can visit at www.apparatusmobileapps.com and if you are a fellow libertarian blogger and would like an app to accompany your blog shoot me an email, and I’ll design your app for just $50 smackers (offer is only good for fellow bloggers) – and I’ve started back up at school, among other things that have kept my time pressed.

I felt this was necessary since the origin of my post begins with school. But before we begin, it’d be unfair not to mention that you can get the best education ever – and I mean ever – over at Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom, just click the button below. And defeat those zombies.


Voluntarism practiced by a bunch of probably socialistic-leaning college goers in the parking garage.

For some reference, the government thought it’d be a fantastic idea to do all the construction and road work on campus right as school began instead of using the ‘dreadfully’ hot summer. Just let that sink in..

Naturally, with construction comes backed up traffic – something I guess the good ol’ government couldn’t account for – but it’s especially bad in a parking garage. Yet, there’s some silver lining to any painfully boring event, in this case, namely, voluntarism.

What ensued was not the most driving force (excuse the pun) for voluntarism, but it did show just how well free people can interact with each other without a big brother government patrolling it – and nobody got the short end of the stick either.

As one leaves the now notorious parking garage, there’s multiple turns one has to make, each one with traffic coming from the opposite direction, but with the same goal in mind – leaving the parking garage. To the surprise of all the progressives, and even some conservatives, we didn’t all crash and burn because there was no patrolling officer telling which car can go and which can stay. No, what actually ensued was a certain kind of beauty.

All these college kids, without conversing, flawlessly designed a system that worked and that everyone partook in, and nobody abused. It was common sense sure, but it perfectly displayed just how beautiful a world could be without an overbearing big brother government.

The system was simply alternating which side gets to take the turn. So, one car from your side goes, then another car from the other side goes. This goes on back and forth until the traffic subsides. It’s simple, but it’s insightful.

We didn’t even need to talk, everyone just understood the system and realized it was in every individual’s best interest to follow this plan, and as humans they naturally followed their own self-interest. But there was no Hummer style vehicle who thought it’d be a good idea to drive over all the cars to be the first one out.

I know it sounds ridiculous that people can actually interact and act reasonably with just freedom guiding them. There were no deaths, no crashes, and nobody skipping ahead to cut off the next driver. Can the state say that about their monopoly of force and coercion to the rest of us peons? Of course not, so maybe we should lean more towards cooperation, understanding, and voluntarism. Good ideas don’t require force you know….

Even on its most fundamental level, voluntarism actually works. Freedom actually works. Liberty actually works. Maybe we should try it.

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