What if Obama was a White Republican?

What if Obama was a white republican? Simple, everyone would hate him. 


His presidency wouldn’t be altered much if he was just some white republican, save a few items. If he was a republican, we could assume that he wouldn’t have pushed so hard on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or gay marriage, but other than that it’s all subjective. He might have dropped [even] more bombs on [even] more countries, but he has already beaten his republican predecessor, George W. Bush. He’s also been crowned the president to be engaged in warfare the longest.

Yet, everyone seems to love him. This meme has been floating around as I’m sure you’ve seen…


Which begs the question, do we really think that is the criteria of a good presidency? No matter failed quantitative easing attempts to ‘stimulate’ the economy. No matter the inevitable rise in health care premiums – up 145% in Arizona! No matter the stagnation of the economy. No matter bombing hospitals. No matter Russia having only 1% of their population favorable to Obama. No matter arming ‘moderate’ rebel groups who have become ISIS. No matter funding different proxies in Syria, all which have fought each other at some point. No matter his unconstitutional action to bypass congress on the initiation of war, and dropping bombs. No matter his war crimes. No matter almost doubling our national debt.

No, he is our first black president, and to think he was not a good president is just because you’re a racist bigot.

It’s frustrating that as a society we have become so obsessed with which race and which political party one belongs to that we cannot objectively assess how good (or bad) a president actually was. I guarantee you that Obama would be just as hated as George W. Bush, had he been a white republican instead of a black democrat. 

There’s really no reason to even believe he was a good president. All of his promises made during his campaign in 2007 have fallen flat on their face. Namely, having the most transparent presidency and ending the wars (did I mention he’s been at war longer than any other president ever?).

All of his policies, namely the ACA, have backfired and will hurt the ones it was intended to help the most, all while forcing future generations into serfdom because of the insurmountable debt that has been accumulated.

There’s only three legitimate reasons why it’s much more popular to support Barack Obama than George W. Bush, despite the two serving almost identical presidencies: political party, skin color and public speaking abilities.

Democrats are naturally more favorable to people who simply do not understand economics or are completely apathetic to politics. The racial divisiveness which has transpired recently reinforces that any white observer cannot disapprove of any non-white person without being labeled a racist. Compared to W’s public speaking abilities, Obama is a godsend.

The sad truth is I believe much too many are apathetic about politics to begin with. So when they see Obama on late night television telling jokes, they see him as human, as moral, as a fellow American, rather than a mass murderer who has committed war crimes to gain more power for the executive branch. Likewise, they see disagreeing whites as racists who could only ever hate Obama because of something as lucrative and infantile as his skin color. I mean, Obama didn’t do 9/11!!!

But just like Bush, Obama has lied us into war (and as a result, made our citizens less safe), intervened in the free market, expanded government spending and the executive office. He’s killed innocent babies, doctors, and civilians in [somewhat liberalized] countries (compared to others in the region) all over the middle east due to our parasitic relationship with Saudi Arabia (one of the least liberalized countries in the middle east) to do their dirty work in exchange for oil.

But, alas democrats – and especially minorities – could never be bad without the involvement of racism, sexism, or the like.

Can you imagine the excuses that will be made for our first female president too? She could potentially end the world but the apathetic and ignorant will still blindly tout her success as our first female president.

Warmongering democrats could be the biggest threat to American prosperity. We must stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt, simply because they have a D by their name, and since pander to the poor and helpless and bribe them with dependency in exchange for more power.

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