What Trump’s GOP Convention Speech Means For Liberty

Trump had a really good speech last night.


Now, before you jump the gun, no I’m not supporting The Donald, rather I’m just trying to be as unbiased as I can and deliver you the truth on his speech.

It was great.

He touched on a lot of key issues from every single demographic he could. He obviously appeased Republicans with most of his rhetoric, but he branched out to disillusioned Bernie supporters, libertarians, minorities and independents in general.

His honesty even gleamed through when he spoke about special interests – something he claimed to know better than anyone else – which is why he’s the only one who could end the involvement of government with corrupt corporate interests.Trump w: Clintons                                                 (We all remember this famous picture.)

He focused on the corruption of his opponent – from Bernie’s impossible victory to her emails to being a puppet of corporate interests.

He mentioned how the government has failed blacks in various ways such as education, with jobs, and in their communities. He promised to fix the system which is keeping minorities down – to much applause from the republicans in the audience.

Now, I understand government cannot really create jobs, but they can make jobs much harder to come across. Policies like the minimum wage are a perfect example of fewer jobs because of a government mandate.

Trump also went out and defended the LGBTQ community and vowed to protect them – again, to much applause from the republicans in the audience. Trump even thanked the republicans for cheering for the minority groups – which proves they really aren’t the evil bigots the left portrays them as.

It’s all just marketing.

Of course, Trump wants to destroy ISIS and destroy them fast, but he also claimed afterwards we could live in a world filled with peace.

He called out Hillary’s awful record as secretary of state and how they not only made the Middle East more unstable but all Americans less safe. He called for an end of nation-building and regime change.

He called for massive tax cuts and overall a taxing system orientated around more simplicity and less bureaucracy. I feel like he stopped just short of saying taxation is theft. I’ll have to say he almost had me convinced.

Of course I jest, Donald still has some flat-out stupid ideas. Ideas such as his wall, instead of fixing the real problem which is it’s much too hard to cross the Mexican-American border legally. Or that he will stop foreign businesses from traveling overseas to save jobs at home, which might save some jobs in a particular industry but comes at the cost of much higher prices for all consumers.

This isn’t a piece to try to persuade you to vote for Trump or not, it’s just to admire his ability to appeal to every demographic, and his supreme television and marketing skills.

I think he’ll win in November.

What Trump’s GOP Convention Speech Means For Liberty…

With that said, I’ve started to look at Gary Johnson in a new light. As some of you may know, I’m not the biggest fan of Johnson for several reasons – which you can read here on the blog that predated this one.

I used to not even want Johnson on the debate stage because let’s be honest, he has no chance of winning. Additionally, I feel like he won’t woo anyone over to our cause or be a good messenger of libertarian principles.

However, if he’s on the debate stage – which means he’s polling at least 15% across several national polls – he might have just enough tenacity to force Trump to adapt more libertarian philosophies. Anybody remember when Trump tweeted this about Ron Paul back in 2011?

He just might be able to get across some of the economic downsides of nationalism Trump loves to push. He just might be able to elaborate on the real immigration problem. He just might be able to bring to light how unjust laws affect minority communities – many of which are victimless crimes.

If Johnson is polling well enough and strongly presents his ideas, Trump will have to change his rhetoric in order to win. Trump is a winner first, as he’s stated so many times. If Johnson can pull him to win over the Liberty Vote, that will be a YUUUGE first step for Liberty and libertarians down the road.

We might not win, but we can be the deciding vote, which means both candidates will have to actively try to court us to vote for them.

If that’s the case, we can only hope the seeds of Liberty planted in Trump will expand as he becomes our next president. That’s how we can Make America Great Again.

View Trump’s Convention speech in its entirety – I will warn you, it is rather long.

[video_jacker height=315 width=560]https://www.youtube.com/embed/1gblr1JJhGU[/video_jacker]

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