Where is Ben Swann?

Remember Ben Swann? He was a journalist at CBS46 in Atlanta who’s popular segment, “Reality Check with Ben Swann”, became an internet sensation. Additionally, his website Truth in Media, was a popular source of information.

He dug into the facts and was likely the best journalist America had, despite being a local reporter with ambition.

After reporting on the potential scandal of #pizzagate, Swann had disappeared from the internet. His social media was shut down, his website was taken down, and he didn’t appear on CBS46 for a week.

The internet was crazed with the question: Where is Ben Swann?

Then, due to the rather short attention span of people on the internet, myself included, people sort of forgot about Ben Swann.

It turns out he is physically fine. Many people were speculating that something terrible happened to him. Perhaps even death. But something terrible did happen:

He lost his Taggart Transcontinental. He is being confined to local news indefinitely. Without his segment Reality Check, and with his Truth in Media site down, Ben Swann is playing John Galt Рtaking a undistinguished job Рwithout the underlying motivation to do so.

Before his internet blackout, Swann had over 428,000 fans on Facebook, as well as many donors to his site. Now, it’s irrevocably gone, and he’s stuck to reporting on local stories.

I realize I am late to this party of realizing he is back. But I figured you might be too.

I saw the video I posted above just today (in Tom Wood’s secret Facebook group you should join), and it was the first time I have seen Ben Swann since his final, scandalous episode of “Reality Check”.

I’m happy he’s safe, but I’m disappointed with the answer of Where is Ben Swann? America’s star journalist is working at a local television station, reporting on local problems, with no voice to speak on potentially paramount national issues.

When you type in Ben Swann on Google, the first source that comes up is a short bio about him while he worked at Fox19 in Cincinnati, which he left in 2008. Bing has quite different results.

The suspicious surrounding #pizzagate intensifies, as just this week, Alex Jones apologized about covering it. Alex Jones obviously isn’t the greatest source of information, but can you remember the last time he apologized about something? I can’t.

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2 thoughts on “Where is Ben Swann?

  1. American journalists (actual ones) today have to work for foreign media organizations to find the platform they deserve/need. E.g. Peter Lavelle (RT), Abby Martin (teleSUR), etc.

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