With More Gun Control, Comes More Attacks

3It’s almost too obvious. First, I’m not even going to touch on the idea that our interventions cause more hatred for us in the first place. That’s a story for another day. I just wish to break down the gun control debate and how potential enemies could use it for their advantage.

First off, ISIS – or virtually any other country or terrorist organization – is vastly outnumbered by us. So what does that mean? They have to have a better strategy to win.

They can’t just invade us with ground troops. We’d destroy them before they even knew what hit them. Everyone in the world knows this, especially the enemy. So they shift to become more strategic… so what are their plans?

Random terror attacks.

Attacks with no rhyme or reason cause the most hysteria among the citizens. Citizens, usually yet mistakenly, rely on the government to help with these problems.

President Obama is quick to say that we need to do something about assault rifles. We just need some more gun control to prevent these from heinous attacks from happening. Any assault rifle is labeled as a ‘killing machine’. But, newsflash people, the sole purpose of a gun is not to clean your house with it, or any other mundane task liberals think guns are for. The sole purpose of all guns is to kill people. That’s how you effectively stop a mass murder attempt, shoot and kill the shooter. A gun is the ultimate, and quite frankly, the only defense suitable for a mass murder attempt.

Where do the majority of mass shootings happen? ‘None other than ‘gun-free’ zones. The pesky thing about criminals is they don’t tend to follow laws…

In other words, to someone set on initiating violence, NO law will stop them. We just play into the terrorists’ hands when our officials call for more gun control. And it leads to more deaths because unarmed7 people are sitting ducks, just praying that they’re lucky enough to survive. It’s utterly heartbreaking.

For ISIS – it’s a long-term war mentality – but every time an official wants more gun control, they win a small battle. More gun control leads to easier access to plan a mass shooting. The more we promote gun control, the more likely we are to be attacked.

It’s really as simple as that. If you are against guns, I strongly encourage you to change your views. You’re ‘humanitarian’ legislation is only going to cost more lives. It’s the sad truth, and a difficult pill to swallow.

But banning guns, assault rifles, magazine size, etc. will not stop those who aren’t keen to following laws. It will only make innocent people defenseless. Guns, in the right hands, makes everyone safer.

Similar to how the war on drugs doesn’t work, and prohibition didn’t work, gun control will have unintended consequences because it is impossible to completely get rid of them. First, government will have to use the guns to grab your guns. But when a criminal wants a gun, it will just leave everyone defenseless, meaning more tragedy. Again, unintended consequences caused by the government will lead to directly hurting the people the government tried to help.

The best defense against a mass murder attempt is a room full of guns pointing back to the initial shooter. That’s how we stop taking drastic losses when these terrible crimes are committed. And at the same time, we will discourage terrorists from ever attacking our people again.

If their attacks start becoming less successful, they will be demoralized. Stay tuned on how we can actually fix this detrimental problem before we need to resort to defending our lives with guns.

If youControl Glenn Beck would like a more in-depth look at gun control, Glenn Beck does a superb job in his book “Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns”. And for less than $8 dollars, you can help fund what I do, as well as improving your knowledge on this subject.

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