You Can’t Spell LP Without That L

The Saga of Terrible Marketing Continues

So what if Gary Johnson wasn’t the “best” candidate? The libertarian “purists” need to just toe their party line, we have a real chance to win this time! Because over here in the LP, we are principal’d (intentional misspelling). Gary won. Then he got on his knees and pleaded to the delegates (read: fools) to choose the original libertarian Bill Weld. A battle fought like a true man.

Fortunately Gary and Mr. Weld (or that naked guy) weren’t in the public eye for too long – though they did successfully convince my (lifelong democrat) grandmother that they were a bunch of idiots, after she thought about voting for them. Unfortunately, the saga continues.

In just the past week, the LP’s stellar marketing team has topped United, Spicer, and Pepsi with their stupidity. Of course, they don’t have nearly as big of a reach as the the companies or spokespeople, but we can chalk up that L to their great marketing strategies as well.

If you are unaware, just a few days before Easter Sunday the marketers over at the LP thought it would be a great idea to support Satanism. They posted this picture on their Facebook page. 

I can hear the valiant defenders of the LP screaming now that it’s about the message not where the message originates. Or how they’ve been pulling random quotes from various religions as part of their marketing scheme.

I get it. It doesn’t excuse the fact that most people see this as promoting, or at least sympathizing, with Satanism. It doesn’t excuse the fact that this was posted a few days before Easter Sunday. And it surely doesn’t excuse alienating their target audience.

But if you think that’s all the LP will do – hold their damn beer.

They’re back at it again! This time instead of promoting literally Satanism, they wish to denigrate the name of the most influential libertarian political family – the Pauls.

This was originally posted in 2015, as a way to “convince” people to vote Libertarian, but it has been resurfacing across social media platforms. 


Their logic (if we can even call it that)? Well [Rand] Paul is a part of a famous Republican dynasty family because of his dad???? I think they’re forgetting Ron Paul was the most principled Congressman ever, and never the President.

Really it’s nothing but a childish way to express how salty they are as a party that the leading libertarian politician decided that the he couldn’t spell the LP without the L.

Perhaps they’re forgetting how their libertarian hero, Gary Johnson, was swept off the Republican debates floor with ease back in 2012 – which was the catalyst to lead him to the LP.

Maybe now you understand why I misspelled principled in the first paragraph. The LP is anything but principled.

More Parties Aren’t the Answer

What’s one of the worst parts surrounding politics? The two party system. How do you make that system even worse? Add even more political parties desperate to gain some of the power the other two parties share.

Parties are inherently corruptible, no matter how principled they claim to be. At one point Democrats were principled. At some other point Republicans were principled. Back in 1988, when Ron Paul ran under the Libertarian banner, they were principled. The LP was definitely principled in 1971 when Murray Rothbard founded it. He’s rolling over in his grave now.

From pandering to leftists, to dissing the Pauls, to electing Gary Johnson, to pretending to be a centrist ideology, to promoting Satanism, the LP can now rest in pieces. And it is high time for them to accept that.

Maybe that’s part of their greater plan. It’s obvious they aren’t too interested in growing the party, and maybe that’s why they wish to alienate the supporters they already have. We can be optimistic, eh?

This is why I stopped volunteering for the LP since they elected Gary Johnson and haven’t regretted it once. This is why I never became a card carrying, big L libertarian. (How’s that one Smashmouth song go?) This is why the LP will never gain my support, even though libertarianism is, by far, the most appealing political ideology. This is why they will continue to Lose.

If you want to see real change in a libertarian direction, we need to infiltrate the Republican Party and work with them, rather than the quasi-libertarians in the LP.

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